Thursday, February 3, 2011

A New Leaf

Indeed. Moving to my new place opened a lot of opportunities for me as an individual and for me and Chriez as a couple. I can say our partnership has been blossoming after the rain has dried off on the pavement.  In my new place, mornings are brighter. Nights are warmer. And I finally have a kitchen to work my way through Chriez's palette cravings --which have now been something she always looks forward to. (blushing)

Earlier today she said when she got home, while I snoozed in the comfort of my bed: "I was looking forward to coming home to you and ung pagsalubong mo sa kin sa morning." Isn't she the sweetest? Just some of the kilig moments I get to wake up to each day. 

I love cooking for her. She loves eating. I think we're heading in the right direction. A direction we both anticipate and hope for. Atleast for the better for both of us. Whatever we have coming for us always falls into the right places. I am very grateful for having her in my life. And Maan is right. Rainmaker brought us together. And after Rainmaker, we're still together. Put the pieces together, you'll understand.

I need to go to QC for a fastbreak feeding of my cats. I miss them so much. Till later...


  1. Hi! Are you referring to the pink Kamiseta? It's a sleeveless top! :) Yung People are People ung dress. Both are still available. :)


  2. *ahem*ahem* hahaha i think Baux's looking fwd to those breakfasts din... :P