Monday, February 7, 2011

Please Ring...

They say and I believed that you fore go the negative and focus on the positive. I am doing that. But then again, I'm human, bound to be softened like anybody who's got their hearts shattered. But maybe not. I didn't break my heart because I lost the love of my existence. I did because next to her, I made a choice. I would have fought for it, but I have chosen my battles well enough not to. This battle, I'm sitting it out.

I have been surrounded with love and positive energy around me. Being around Chriez even, radiates from me eminently. So how could I not keep moving forward and why choose to stay behind? Hear me out, I am venting. I am trying to argue with myself why these are all happening. I'm waiting for a call. A very important call. An answered one from up above. Or at least its close to the reality of it.

My phone...please ring...


  1. hope you get that much desired phone call C. i'm sure you will. whatever that call is.

  2. Thanks Gel! We're all giddy about THE call...he he he