Thursday, April 28, 2011

Overwhelming Blessings

I was suppose to wait for the nth weekend to upload photos of the past perfectly well spent three weeks I've had so far but due to the demanding nature of my job, YES MY JOB, I couldn't get to sit on it. Sure the laptop is there, but I chose to leave it at work instead of taking it home to eliminate added stress in our house of love. He he he...

Earlier today, dug my usual route. Woke up, did a lil laundry, enjoyed a fresh, brewed cup of Cavite coffee and a bowl of cereals and headed for the shower. Changed. Dolled up. En route to all rides to work. Ha! name it, I use it! From the jeep, bus, MRT, LRT and a trike and all the way back home, just eliminate the bus and substitute it with a GR Express van that halts in front of our subdivision.

But what I wanted to vent was the undying promises and the undying workload it comes with my new job. Before I landed this job, I'd say I was almost losing faith. But Chriez held me together. She reinforced my faith in everything I was losing faith in. I prayed hard everyday for a job that we wanted me to have. My dream job so to speak. One that pays really good. One that will maximize my potentials. One that will entail traveling and meeting people. One that is a DAY job. I prayed for this as much as I thanked Him for having Chriez in my life. Lo and behold. It is exactly the job I landed.  I am proud of every bit of my success for the past three weeks. And yes, it indeed gets better each day. Sure, today is straining to the neck, but I guess when people value your worth and expect so much from you, you tend to feel it that way. I guess.

Dear Lord, thank you so much for giving me this job. I know tomorrow (not literally) as my boss promised, I will be THE Training Director. :-D

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ohh Home part 3

I could literally jump up and down from side to side when we got home today. Earlier though I was almost down with the flu. I sounded awful like I had some toad in my throat and was coaxing each sentence I had to say and my body temperature wasn't the usual. I feared being bedridden till I got well. I popped in medicine and started sweeping around our home when Daddy came home from work. She wanted to have lunch outside and she said wanted to buy a few items for our home. Lo and behold! She bought me my kitchen showcase! ! ! (clap! clap! clap!)  It wasn't anything grand as an ELBA oven or what but, it was close for me. I deemed only a gasulito and a foldable table but look what she got me! Right after the purchases she uttered: "O ayan ha, lagi mo na ko pagluluto ng masarap ha...kung hindi..."she teased. All I could do was thank her and kiss her when we got home. things are looking up. Next purchase? Our dining set. ♥

No More Cereals in the morning!!! (merienda nalang)

Daddy and LPG guy installing our tank to our stove

in the works...

Finally! With an oil film stuck to the wall to avoid messy oil splats on our newly painted walls :-D

Is this a full stacked kitchen or what? :-D

Monday, April 4, 2011

Ohh Home part 2

Yipee! Today we bought two of our new appliances for the kitchen. Sure we have a coffee maker and an iron but these were bought before we moved in together. So it is considered the FIRST appliances we bought for our home...Oh yes, our home. I can say that over and over again with so much gusto.


Daddy excited to test "pinky"

This is the pink water heater we purchased. That's the first one bought actually. We were looking into Abenson  Alabang, one which was just a ten minute ride from here when we saw this. We wanted to purchase the violet one which looked more subtle but when we got home and opened the pink one we bought, we weren't disappointed at all. It was really nice. The color didn't look so odd in our kitchen. It kinda complimented it as a matter of fact.

Then while we went around the kitchen area to scan for a good gas range, Chriez found one she liked and said we'd be going back to purchase it on a weekend. But she decided she wanted to buy it now as well. I lovingly suggested we get a rice cooker instead since it would be easier to buy ulam in our village than rice. Plus if it had a steamer with it, then it would be easy to whip up something not so ingeniously challenging. He he he. We moved about SM, yes folks, the SM Southmall that's right in front our village. Headed towards SM Appliance Center and SM Department Store. We canvassed and literally went back and forth from one store to another to decide which one to buy with a limited budget. Atleast one that was left from purchasing the cordless kettle earlier.

 We finally settled with this purchase right here. ♥ We initially wanted to just purchase the 4 cup sized rice cooker but changed our minds when I pointed out the 100peso difference of the 8cup one. Both were non-stick, had a steamer and a glass cover but the one we purchased (in photos) can cook 8 cups instead of four. Great deal eh? So we settled for this instead. Not only that we don't need to keep cooking rice each meal but it comes handy if we push through with the house blessing and regular Sunday dinner hosting. (grinning) When she finally shared the same sentiments, we had lunch and headed home. 

Needless to say, we were uber excited to open and see our purchases! Such joy to finally make an apt to a home bit by bit...Its exciting and something to look forward to. Next shopping trip? Indeed!

Will keep you posted soon! ♥