Thursday, April 28, 2011

Overwhelming Blessings

I was suppose to wait for the nth weekend to upload photos of the past perfectly well spent three weeks I've had so far but due to the demanding nature of my job, YES MY JOB, I couldn't get to sit on it. Sure the laptop is there, but I chose to leave it at work instead of taking it home to eliminate added stress in our house of love. He he he...

Earlier today, dug my usual route. Woke up, did a lil laundry, enjoyed a fresh, brewed cup of Cavite coffee and a bowl of cereals and headed for the shower. Changed. Dolled up. En route to all rides to work. Ha! name it, I use it! From the jeep, bus, MRT, LRT and a trike and all the way back home, just eliminate the bus and substitute it with a GR Express van that halts in front of our subdivision.

But what I wanted to vent was the undying promises and the undying workload it comes with my new job. Before I landed this job, I'd say I was almost losing faith. But Chriez held me together. She reinforced my faith in everything I was losing faith in. I prayed hard everyday for a job that we wanted me to have. My dream job so to speak. One that pays really good. One that will maximize my potentials. One that will entail traveling and meeting people. One that is a DAY job. I prayed for this as much as I thanked Him for having Chriez in my life. Lo and behold. It is exactly the job I landed.  I am proud of every bit of my success for the past three weeks. And yes, it indeed gets better each day. Sure, today is straining to the neck, but I guess when people value your worth and expect so much from you, you tend to feel it that way. I guess.

Dear Lord, thank you so much for giving me this job. I know tomorrow (not literally) as my boss promised, I will be THE Training Director. :-D

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