Thursday, August 18, 2011


The file I was waiting to download seems to take me from college to yuppie. LOL. In short, I'm waiting.

Waiting for my client to come to their senses (metaphorically speaking) I wait for the download to finish and decided to blog a few things just to distress myself.

Remembered a few random photos I have stacked in the depths of my memory card and might as well share it before it even decides to decompose itself. (he he he)

I am a PAID employee!

Meet Chaty & Chattie

(sosyal na) Relief Goods

Happy Birthday Champoy 

 The bertdey boy...CHAMPOY!!!!

Our special guest for the evening..Mr. Roach...

Tapos na download ko. Buksan ko muna. Till later! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's in my Bag? (C Style)

So my best friend braved the idea of posting her deepest, darkest secret...LOL...what's inside your bag...And inspired to have mine too, lemme share with you what I have in mine too! Feast your eyes, or not, and as the tagalog saying goes, "Walang basagan ng trip"..

A steal! Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet I got in one of my training stint in Iba. Never really wanted a white wallet, but this certainly made me go for it. 
 And my organizer. A fully-booked love! Got this last December thru my earned GCs. The insert shows well how OC-OC I get in terms of putting entries in. :-)

I was always joked about being so organized in terms of writing. Yes indeed, I can get really oc about writing and putting things inside my organizer. I dunno why I have this thing with writing with different colored pens, or having the lines straight when I jot something down. :-)

"Digicat" - Chriez's gift to me and can't leave home without it as well.

Yes, guilty. I am a tech junkie Ü

Yes! The joys of the pen! (L-R) The infamous parker that Chriez gave me for Christmas lastyear. The Red TITUS pen that writes the best!  The purple gel pen from Dong-A. The DOG pen in pink has the finest writing. The blue pen from TITUS as well and Dong-A Gel pen in sky blue. 
My FIRST AID essentials. (L-R) Biogenic Alcohol, Caladryl (yes, I am old school) that works for me since Chriez and I love to eat shrimp which gives me the worst kind of hives, old fave of mine, Nenuco. Imagine how it is to find this nowadays? And the spray tube lying down is my body-feet ache Pau de arco in ocean breeze scent. It is the best! Works all the time!

 And here goes my make up pouch. Where it all happens (wink)

Here goes my Mary Kay Beige 2 Foundation. I love this thing to death! Talk about imperfection gone! Dab with my foundation brush (in later photo) and it stays on for HOURS!

 In the  event that dabbing mineral loose powder isn't in my mood, hehe, I put on this Mary Kay Timewise liquid foundation and this too, stays on forever. The feel after this has evenly been put on my face is like second skin. You can sweat, and it won't wear off.

My Mary Kay Concealer. It comes in handy during pimple-driven days or eye-bag days.

 My Mary Kay Mineral Eye Powder which doubles as an eyebrow liner as well

 My Mary Kay Brushes. (L-R) Mineral Foundation Brush, Eye Crease Brush & Blush Brush

 My Mary Kay Inter-changeable Compact. Now its used as my tri-colored blush that stores my ever fave lipstick in Raisin --stays on for 12 hours atleast!

OA sa lipsticks. I actually carry these plus the Mary Kay Raisin (makes 7) everyday. I have the thing that if someone needed a lip pimp, I'm their gal. :D (L-R) Bench Pain box gloss (goes on with any lipstick I have on, works wonders on top any lipstick); Avon Metalic Blush with moisturizer in the middle; Maple Sparkles Lipstick; Estee Lauder Berry Truffle which tastes like real grapes; Avon Knockout Pink that works if you just want a hint of color during the not-so-good days and Simply Pretty Swirly Lipgloss in Very Berry that works as a lip moisturizer with or without any lipstick, which has a great natural lip color -the type of lips you get after ten minutes of kissing. ;-)

(L-R): Mary Kay Mineral Loose Eye Shadow in Cashmere; Mary-Kate and Ashley's Shimmer Plus in Champagne Bronze; Avon's Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Duo in Bronzed Glow and Avon (US) Luminous Liquid Eye Colour in Bubbles.

The Body Shop Bronzing Powder 01 is the only pressed powder I own for the reason it doesn't make me look WHITE. Its hard to find a good pressed powder in shops with my shade  :(

Thank you for poking through my ever huge-powered bag! This is Cat, my bag charm from a previous birthday present. ♥

Your Turn. Ü

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


 What's the title suppose to mean? She handles technical stuff everyday. The stuff that IT people do, one of them is called "tickets". A ticket is a number generated by a network server as a means of authentication. I had to write that as simple as I could to get you from leaving my blog and reading someone else's. LOL. "INC" stands for incident followed by a series of number which tells where or what device it originated from. Or atleast to that extent in layman's term. Then you ask, what's the last three digit suppose to mean? The series of number corresponds to the days that we have been together as a couple. ♥


Today marks that. two hundred seventy-fourth days of togetherness. Of craziness. Of funny antics moments. Of partnership.

Thank you Dy for loving me. I can not put into words how much blessed I am for being your partner. I am blessed indeed. I love you more than you can imagine. And there's no other way I will want my life with you. Now or in the next lifetime. Happy 274 to us. I look forward to our next 304th. 

Sunday Figaro c/o Macy. One of our photos that I am beginning to  love. Among the hundreds of photos we have in my memory card. ♥ Thanks Macy for taking this photo, regardless of (oo walang term na blurdness...walang basagan ng trip)

What kebab place was this again? A the persian cuisine that's so good and really, really penny friendly. Sa dami ng kinain natin, wala pang three hundred pesos ang bill. Isama mo na yung blue iced tea. Kaloka. Ü