Thursday, March 8, 2012

Help Me Reach My Dream

Kitten B

How Can I not?
These are the photos I dare not erase from a folder I keep together with hundredsssssss of kittens, cats that I have had my heart out on for the past 5 years. And yes, if there could only be something I could do for all these cute and adorable creatures, I will and yes, with a little help I would have.

After my the removal of my gall bladder, I was confined both in the hospital and after, which is now, 23 days at home. Which made me think of a lot of things to do. Some I could do, but due to restrictions in movement, some I only dare fantasize about.

I had always wanted to be a Veterinarian. And each year since I was 10, the drive to be one ceased to grow. But faith led me to a different path which I have had no regrets. My career has brought me a lot of things to learn. But now, now that I realize how much more I can do, I want to do it. Being given another, or in my case a 3rd chance at life, has to mean something. If I were a cat, I don't wanna waste it and save the six other for something else.

As soon as I get back on my feet, I will save enough to go back to school. I will study again. I will pursue being  a doctor. And just as I said when I was 15, I will put up enough space to make a shelter and care for these abandoned angels, without hesitation despite what I know and will hear from everyone around me. This will be my mission. This is my calling. This will be my advocacy.

For those who knew me since, after this third life, my union with my family, things have definitely made a 360 degree turn for me and ofcourse, my partner.  Which is why, I ask help to those who would like to help me make this overdue dream a reality. I don't need haters, I don't need skepticism. I need your help, prayers, support and well-wishes that I finally make a difference on this planet. I dunno in five years or less, have a foundation --please not with the jokes of my name as I already know... Maybe come up with an org or yes, a foundation where love and life are given back to these creatures.

If there is anyone out there interested to help me with my cause, you are very glad to get in touch with me thru my email Or leave your comments here. I will be glad to work and make this dream as real as I can.

Thank you for reading...

Sabi nga sa billboard sa may guadalupe, ALL LIFE IS SACRED.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We finally bought our house! Yes, we. Together we did it and we will continue doing it until we grow old. And I certainly hope so. ♥  Although our subdivision doesn't have the street names up yet, we roughly have our address complete. Block 23 Lot 63 Lessandra Heights, Camella, Bacoor Cavite. 

 Today, we went out again to check out our newly bought house! We were really excited and inspired. Its different when you finally have what you've always wanted and dreamed of. Talk about what you've worked hard for! :)

Ofcourse there's the fact that yet again I need to sacrifice my business. Give it a little shove to the left while I focus on obtaining another 8hour grind job. No I'm not complaining. I think sacrifices are beginning to be my thing. (sarcasm) LOL. We agreed that I keep doing the  business on the side and my racketeering stints...just because it also helps in paying bills and extra income for groceries and other necessities. Whatever I make out of my pay check will be for the house and renovations and all. The responsibilities are huge but I'm glad there's someone like Chriez I am sharing it with. And earlier today when we drove back home, she said: "We have a house now. Isn't that enough to prove that you're the one I want in my life?" Ako? Speechless.

Here are some photos to share.


Daddy checking the soon to be fenced area

Oh yes, the sun rises at our front door :)

Our soon to be kitchen

First floor ceiling

Our not so attractive yet bathroom. :)

I am uber excited to start decorating and fixing my very own kitchen. Yes, Chriez awarded the kitchen part to me! Yes!

Our Bedroom

I look like a midget here... :(
Well, atleast this midget gotta house! :P
Guest room

Part of the guest room

From the top of the stairs

the entrance and stairs

To the backyard
Yeah, we seriously have a huge area at the  back that we intend to turn into a laundry area, tool shack and a grill place for friends and family to come over on sundays 

Across the street

Edge unit where we get sooooo much space around the house. Yey!

Daddy at the entrance ♥

Me at the entrance ♥

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Letting Go

Something happened today. 

Its been ages since my last blog. And I'm not writing why I'm back and hitting the keys again. I just wanted to get it out of my chest. 

My partner has been promoted and recently just got official. Now an IT Sup, its a whole different world for her and different adjustments have to be made --and I don't mean that in a bad way. It's all good.  But this morning I got a text message that just a few words and that hit right thru me. I knew what was coming, I just didn't want to evade it. I had to deal with it, otherwise, it won't help this sorting. Sigh.

I had a long awarding moment with my boss. I felt so bad about it I literally wanted to push myself off the balcony. I listened to what she had to say, and I know I have my shortcomings. I wouldn't deny that. Lately had been pretty tough considering the things I'm trying to bounce back from. She told me in a nice way, although firm and stern at the same time. I really felt ashamed of myself. Felt like a failure and really, total embarrassment. I might have been thrown off balance with the orders I've been getting. I have been juggling from  appointments, to presentations to clients, to government offices and at the end of the day, I realize doing it alone is tiring and sometimes frustrating. After the ten minute awarding ( just a slang term), I kept quiet and stared at the table with phone numbers of all the people I was following up on. Then my eyes got blurry and before I knew it, a previous colleague came knocking at my door. I stood up and was well into tears and funny, how she was carrying food in the other hand and soda in the other. She said, "I hope its alright to just pop here today...I needed someone to talk to." I led her in and we sat at the table. I apologized for crying and told her I just feel like such a huge disappointment at the moment. 

She had a huge weight as well, her mom being ill at the moment, the burdens she has to deal with day to day. I listened drying my eyes from time to time and she listened to me as well. I told her I might have messed up in trying to balance everything that's going on with work and my business now. I feel like a total loser. Really. I told her that maybe all of these have been signs. Have reasons. Or so she kept saying. 

A few weeks ago, during an activation, I suddenly felt outcasted. The event was great, a success indeed. However, I felt that hollowness of being suspended in the air. That you're presence wasn't needed. That you really didn't matter all this time. I was glad the event was over because I didn't like the feeling that went for hours. I couldn't have felt so low...

Going back to friend and I, she comforted me, the best way she can. i listened to her when she said: "C, baka naman all things are falling into their right places na. Kahit di ka ready basta hinog ang panahon, dadating sa iyo yan. Magaling ka. Sa chocolates mo palang, alam mo yan. Kung tanggap naman ng boss mo na your passion is in doing your chocolates, baka naman kailangan niyo magusap. I'm sure di one sided ang boss mo."

I kept quiet as she talked about signs, blessings and yes, faith. If there was one thing I tried to hold on to, it was faith. You think they're right? Not that I doubt them, I just feel like a sore loser now. I feel like I've let down my boss, my friend and of course myself. I got so stretched --thinly that at the end of the day, I'd sigh and just ask myself how hard it is. There are times I won't have more than two hours sleep and still come up short with things that needed to be done. 

Right now, I just feel bad. Can someone stick a huge L on my forehead?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I have items listed here you may want to purchase! Feel free to call or sms me for shipping arrangement or meet ups. I only do CASH payments or bank transfers.


click on the link or go to my other blog.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


The file I was waiting to download seems to take me from college to yuppie. LOL. In short, I'm waiting.

Waiting for my client to come to their senses (metaphorically speaking) I wait for the download to finish and decided to blog a few things just to distress myself.

Remembered a few random photos I have stacked in the depths of my memory card and might as well share it before it even decides to decompose itself. (he he he)

I am a PAID employee!

Meet Chaty & Chattie

(sosyal na) Relief Goods

Happy Birthday Champoy 

 The bertdey boy...CHAMPOY!!!!

Our special guest for the evening..Mr. Roach...

Tapos na download ko. Buksan ko muna. Till later! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What's in my Bag? (C Style)

So my best friend braved the idea of posting her deepest, darkest secret...LOL...what's inside your bag...And inspired to have mine too, lemme share with you what I have in mine too! Feast your eyes, or not, and as the tagalog saying goes, "Walang basagan ng trip"..

A steal! Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet I got in one of my training stint in Iba. Never really wanted a white wallet, but this certainly made me go for it. 
 And my organizer. A fully-booked love! Got this last December thru my earned GCs. The insert shows well how OC-OC I get in terms of putting entries in. :-)

I was always joked about being so organized in terms of writing. Yes indeed, I can get really oc about writing and putting things inside my organizer. I dunno why I have this thing with writing with different colored pens, or having the lines straight when I jot something down. :-)

"Digicat" - Chriez's gift to me and can't leave home without it as well.

Yes, guilty. I am a tech junkie Ü

Yes! The joys of the pen! (L-R) The infamous parker that Chriez gave me for Christmas lastyear. The Red TITUS pen that writes the best!  The purple gel pen from Dong-A. The DOG pen in pink has the finest writing. The blue pen from TITUS as well and Dong-A Gel pen in sky blue. 
My FIRST AID essentials. (L-R) Biogenic Alcohol, Caladryl (yes, I am old school) that works for me since Chriez and I love to eat shrimp which gives me the worst kind of hives, old fave of mine, Nenuco. Imagine how it is to find this nowadays? And the spray tube lying down is my body-feet ache Pau de arco in ocean breeze scent. It is the best! Works all the time!

 And here goes my make up pouch. Where it all happens (wink)

Here goes my Mary Kay Beige 2 Foundation. I love this thing to death! Talk about imperfection gone! Dab with my foundation brush (in later photo) and it stays on for HOURS!

 In the  event that dabbing mineral loose powder isn't in my mood, hehe, I put on this Mary Kay Timewise liquid foundation and this too, stays on forever. The feel after this has evenly been put on my face is like second skin. You can sweat, and it won't wear off.

My Mary Kay Concealer. It comes in handy during pimple-driven days or eye-bag days.

 My Mary Kay Mineral Eye Powder which doubles as an eyebrow liner as well

 My Mary Kay Brushes. (L-R) Mineral Foundation Brush, Eye Crease Brush & Blush Brush

 My Mary Kay Inter-changeable Compact. Now its used as my tri-colored blush that stores my ever fave lipstick in Raisin --stays on for 12 hours atleast!

OA sa lipsticks. I actually carry these plus the Mary Kay Raisin (makes 7) everyday. I have the thing that if someone needed a lip pimp, I'm their gal. :D (L-R) Bench Pain box gloss (goes on with any lipstick I have on, works wonders on top any lipstick); Avon Metalic Blush with moisturizer in the middle; Maple Sparkles Lipstick; Estee Lauder Berry Truffle which tastes like real grapes; Avon Knockout Pink that works if you just want a hint of color during the not-so-good days and Simply Pretty Swirly Lipgloss in Very Berry that works as a lip moisturizer with or without any lipstick, which has a great natural lip color -the type of lips you get after ten minutes of kissing. ;-)

(L-R): Mary Kay Mineral Loose Eye Shadow in Cashmere; Mary-Kate and Ashley's Shimmer Plus in Champagne Bronze; Avon's Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Duo in Bronzed Glow and Avon (US) Luminous Liquid Eye Colour in Bubbles.

The Body Shop Bronzing Powder 01 is the only pressed powder I own for the reason it doesn't make me look WHITE. Its hard to find a good pressed powder in shops with my shade  :(

Thank you for poking through my ever huge-powered bag! This is Cat, my bag charm from a previous birthday present. ♥

Your Turn. Ü