Tuesday, November 29, 2011


We finally bought our house! Yes, we. Together we did it and we will continue doing it until we grow old. And I certainly hope so. ♥  Although our subdivision doesn't have the street names up yet, we roughly have our address complete. Block 23 Lot 63 Lessandra Heights, Camella, Bacoor Cavite. 

 Today, we went out again to check out our newly bought house! We were really excited and inspired. Its different when you finally have what you've always wanted and dreamed of. Talk about what you've worked hard for! :)

Ofcourse there's the fact that yet again I need to sacrifice my business. Give it a little shove to the left while I focus on obtaining another 8hour grind job. No I'm not complaining. I think sacrifices are beginning to be my thing. (sarcasm) LOL. We agreed that I keep doing the  business on the side and my racketeering stints...just because it also helps in paying bills and extra income for groceries and other necessities. Whatever I make out of my pay check will be for the house and renovations and all. The responsibilities are huge but I'm glad there's someone like Chriez I am sharing it with. And earlier today when we drove back home, she said: "We have a house now. Isn't that enough to prove that you're the one I want in my life?" Ako? Speechless.

Here are some photos to share.


Daddy checking the soon to be fenced area

Oh yes, the sun rises at our front door :)

Our soon to be kitchen

First floor ceiling

Our not so attractive yet bathroom. :)

I am uber excited to start decorating and fixing my very own kitchen. Yes, Chriez awarded the kitchen part to me! Yes!

Our Bedroom

I look like a midget here... :(
Well, atleast this midget gotta house! :P
Guest room

Part of the guest room

From the top of the stairs

the entrance and stairs

To the backyard
Yeah, we seriously have a huge area at the  back that we intend to turn into a laundry area, tool shack and a grill place for friends and family to come over on sundays 

Across the street

Edge unit where we get sooooo much space around the house. Yey!

Daddy at the entrance ♥

Me at the entrance ♥

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  1. Yey!!!! Congrats!!! So happy for you! It looks exactly like our house! hahaha