Thursday, July 21, 2011

=25 Random Things About Me=

1. I'm inlove with Chriez.

2. I have a HUGE phobia of spiders that I'd rather be shot in the head twice than come face to face with one

3. I am deathly scared of LOSS

4. I can not live home without my phones, my music, my wallet, my watch & keys

5. I had five cats. Lemony, Kiwi, Oncey, Cofi and Tiggy.

6. I have a fascination for baking.

7. I love to write daily into my journal rather than typing on a keyboard

8. Old School

9. R&B

10. Chriez, Coffee & chocolates are 3 things I can never live without

11. I have forgiven my ex-boyfriend.

12. I was always the girl in a relationship.

13. I have had only 4 long-term relationships---including now.

14. I've tried tasting cat food. (yeah I know, curiosity got me)

15. I finished the twilight series in one month.

16. I am the only child.

17. I have a huge crush on Carlo Aquino.

18. The person I admire the most is dead.

19. I am a frustrated DVM.

20. My bestfriends are Ato and Chriez.

21. First love dies. True love doesn't.

22. I'd rather do the iron clothes than do dishes.

23. I will die for the one I'm with now.

24. I have an addiction for Notebooks, decorative rubber stamps, bottles, coloring books, crayons & oil pastels

25. I am a paper addict.

Monday, July 11, 2011


We celebrated our eight month yesterday. Alongside my birthday lunch celebration, we celebrated our relationship as well. Wow. Eight months, we've been thru so much for this period of time, whether its a short or semi-long time. I guess, with all the things we've been going thru, good and not so good, I guess its all worth it. I am not complaining. I grow inlove with her everyday. I am fascinated by her everyday. We learn and discover a lot about each other each day. Whether we're apart or together. Whether we awake in each other's arms or in different rooms. I know she loves me. She already said it, and she still tells me every now and then. I love her just as much, and sometimes more than her.

Thank you daddy for everything we have. For being with me and for keeping me. I love you too.

Thirty One Twenty Eleven

Wow! I'm on the last day of the calendar, so to speak. :-( Today I am 31 years old. Ugh. But who am I to complain? When I  woke up today, Chriez sang to me the happy birthday song, in two versions. Take note, she sang to me! I was like a kid in highschool who was so kilig that my cheeks turned gray... (my own version of blushing lol) And how sweet that she even made breakfast for me. Something that wouldn't come again until my next birthday. She disclaimed that earlier too. Hahaha....She cooked for me, almost did not let me do anything in the kitchen today. The sweetest. I wasn't suppose to be at work today, but I had to to foresee activities for my department. I was greeted with warm hugs and beso from my bosses and a loud shout out for happy birthday  from my staff and colleagues. Awww...

Yesterday was fun as well. Det, May, Mel, Ms. Bea and Eleane were at my birthday lunch. Only one person was missing, my best friend. I understand she's now a mom and all and I know she would've been there if she could, even if it meant with her whole family. I made Tuna cheese pasta, beef stew, veggie rice and creamy fruit cake which everyone went ga-ga over. (wink)  We had loads of fun laughing, eating and sharing stories. It was really rad! I loved the gifts too of course!

In the evening Chriez and I went to mass in the usual parish beside Alabang Town Center. For some reason it was emotional. I miss my kitties. I wish they were here to have celebrated with us. Just like the yearly party where I have my share of food while I treat them with cat gourmet and unlimited treats for the day coupled with unlimited play time and snuggling, kissing and scratching. Yes, scratching. LOL. I miss it those years I spent my birthdays with them. I miss them, as simple as that. I hope they know that. I hope they're aware of how much I still long for them. They visit me in my dreams. They have a way of communicating with me thru my dreams. And when i wake up, I wish it were  real.

Need not elaborate how my sunday lunch birthday ended. Now, that's R-18, lesbians only. ;-)