Thursday, July 21, 2011

=25 Random Things About Me=

1. I'm inlove with Chriez.

2. I have a HUGE phobia of spiders that I'd rather be shot in the head twice than come face to face with one

3. I am deathly scared of LOSS

4. I can not live home without my phones, my music, my wallet, my watch & keys

5. I had five cats. Lemony, Kiwi, Oncey, Cofi and Tiggy.

6. I have a fascination for baking.

7. I love to write daily into my journal rather than typing on a keyboard

8. Old School

9. R&B

10. Chriez, Coffee & chocolates are 3 things I can never live without

11. I have forgiven my ex-boyfriend.

12. I was always the girl in a relationship.

13. I have had only 4 long-term relationships---including now.

14. I've tried tasting cat food. (yeah I know, curiosity got me)

15. I finished the twilight series in one month.

16. I am the only child.

17. I have a huge crush on Carlo Aquino.

18. The person I admire the most is dead.

19. I am a frustrated DVM.

20. My bestfriends are Ato and Chriez.

21. First love dies. True love doesn't.

22. I'd rather do the iron clothes than do dishes.

23. I will die for the one I'm with now.

24. I have an addiction for Notebooks, decorative rubber stamps, bottles, coloring books, crayons & oil pastels

25. I am a paper addict.

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