Monday, July 11, 2011


We celebrated our eight month yesterday. Alongside my birthday lunch celebration, we celebrated our relationship as well. Wow. Eight months, we've been thru so much for this period of time, whether its a short or semi-long time. I guess, with all the things we've been going thru, good and not so good, I guess its all worth it. I am not complaining. I grow inlove with her everyday. I am fascinated by her everyday. We learn and discover a lot about each other each day. Whether we're apart or together. Whether we awake in each other's arms or in different rooms. I know she loves me. She already said it, and she still tells me every now and then. I love her just as much, and sometimes more than her.

Thank you daddy for everything we have. For being with me and for keeping me. I love you too.

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