Wednesday, August 10, 2011


 What's the title suppose to mean? She handles technical stuff everyday. The stuff that IT people do, one of them is called "tickets". A ticket is a number generated by a network server as a means of authentication. I had to write that as simple as I could to get you from leaving my blog and reading someone else's. LOL. "INC" stands for incident followed by a series of number which tells where or what device it originated from. Or atleast to that extent in layman's term. Then you ask, what's the last three digit suppose to mean? The series of number corresponds to the days that we have been together as a couple. ♥


Today marks that. two hundred seventy-fourth days of togetherness. Of craziness. Of funny antics moments. Of partnership.

Thank you Dy for loving me. I can not put into words how much blessed I am for being your partner. I am blessed indeed. I love you more than you can imagine. And there's no other way I will want my life with you. Now or in the next lifetime. Happy 274 to us. I look forward to our next 304th. 

Sunday Figaro c/o Macy. One of our photos that I am beginning to  love. Among the hundreds of photos we have in my memory card. ♥ Thanks Macy for taking this photo, regardless of (oo walang term na blurdness...walang basagan ng trip)

What kebab place was this again? A the persian cuisine that's so good and really, really penny friendly. Sa dami ng kinain natin, wala pang three hundred pesos ang bill. Isama mo na yung blue iced tea. Kaloka. Ü

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