Friday, April 8, 2011

Ohh Home part 3

I could literally jump up and down from side to side when we got home today. Earlier though I was almost down with the flu. I sounded awful like I had some toad in my throat and was coaxing each sentence I had to say and my body temperature wasn't the usual. I feared being bedridden till I got well. I popped in medicine and started sweeping around our home when Daddy came home from work. She wanted to have lunch outside and she said wanted to buy a few items for our home. Lo and behold! She bought me my kitchen showcase! ! ! (clap! clap! clap!)  It wasn't anything grand as an ELBA oven or what but, it was close for me. I deemed only a gasulito and a foldable table but look what she got me! Right after the purchases she uttered: "O ayan ha, lagi mo na ko pagluluto ng masarap ha...kung hindi..."she teased. All I could do was thank her and kiss her when we got home. things are looking up. Next purchase? Our dining set. ♥

No More Cereals in the morning!!! (merienda nalang)

Daddy and LPG guy installing our tank to our stove

in the works...

Finally! With an oil film stuck to the wall to avoid messy oil splats on our newly painted walls :-D

Is this a full stacked kitchen or what? :-D

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  1. yey! happy for you! enjoy your new kitchen stuff!