Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Quintessential Beings v.3

"a kiss...its a doorway to everything.." - coach Beiste (GLEE)

I simply had to quote and remember that after it being said in one of season 2's episode. It got me thinking about this weekend I've spent, once more, in the south.  It wasn't the usual weekend, indeed, it was I guess more meaningful for all its worth.  Nothing magical as rolling in and out the sheets kinda story for this weekend. But a more serious and  needless to say, unexpected revealing Sunday.

Saturday was spent half the day cleaning, prepping the room with the new table she bought that I was so proud of her making and fixing in the room. Then we all traveled further south to Francis' home for some catching up and bonding weekend. I must admit, I miss that jackass. (no pun intended as that is his nickname amongst us). There was the feisty dinner of bihon sa bilao, baliwag lechon manok and wait for it...crispy ulo.  Don't tell me about being health conscious cause I kinda found a way to trick myself to eat them. (ha ha ha) Followed by a couple of slices of chocolate marshmallow! As if eating two servings of strawberry, chocolate and KESO ice cream before all mentioned wasn't enough! Then came the booze. The stories. And my in and out flickering "masalog" attacks. Ha! The whole Saturday experience can definitely fill an entire blog entry but I'm skipping it for another blog time. (wink)

Sunday rolled by fast. Literally waking up past 4 in the afternoon is what I meant by fast. Cooked creamed dory in mushroom sauce for breakfast / lunch / dinner (all three rolled into one) given the time we woke and lazed around most of the time. Nightfall enveloped us and we were up till past three in the morning.

I can write about the usual conversation we had but I wanted to share something that doesn't come along easy for her. Something, that made me flip.

Settling down. Yes, we discussed it and she didn't ask me directly but she said it so straightforward I could leap backwards in my excitement. She wanted to settle down with me. Have a kid or two. Migrate. Get married. I can just feel so dazed right now as I write them and share them to y'all. I thought she'd never have these goals. Dreams. Just the mere fact she has already thought about these, makes me wonder if she does love me after all. And that I can now stop being delusional that she really does. (LOL)

to be continued...

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