Friday, February 11, 2011

Been Six Years

Just about a few things. Some six years ago, I fell in love with one person I owe a lot to. She  taught me a whole lot of things, made me realize a whole lot of discoveries about myself, people around me and life in general. One person, who, up until last night, got in touch with me and got that closure that was due so many freaking years ago. Time heals indeed. I was able to tell her I'm sorry and Thank You. And she got back to me by saying, it was HER who needed to say sorry and that she was thankful for all the things I did for her.

Six years ago when I was a trainer for one of the companies I worked for, I met her. She was one of my trainees. She stood out because of all the extra effort she went through for me. How she led the class to make me feel in the spotlight all the time. Like I wasn't considering the position I was in. (Shrug) It begun with a constant group hug tease in each class that transcended to the daily Wendy's and coffee after shift. She waited for me till the wee hours of the morning or at least until I've locked up the office and there I'd be surprised to find her in the parking lot waiting for me, with a Wendy's meal or coffee in tow. We usually drove around or just chilled and talked after. Usually heading home at 4am and reporting to work at 8am. Crazy.  The wooing continued for the next few weeks. I got to find out that she was in a blurry state with her current  (then) girlfriend. But she said, they were over. That's why I continued seeing her until we finally became an item.

With her I broke the rules. No, this time, I wasn't bending them -- I totally broke them. We kept it separate at work. Although it was insanely hard to, but we got thru it.  She still waited for me each and every time after work and  spend time till early hours of the morning. Things were going on smoothly, until things started turning sour. Her ex (at least I was made to believe she was) kept coming back. There are even times we would run into her in the wee hours of the morning with her friends in tow. Which is odd considering she doesn't work the night shift at her job. To keep things undefiled, we eventually broke up. It was during our team building at some resort in Bulacan that it all turned sour. Traumatic indeed. She showed up there, won her over and ditched me just like that. Her ex turned gf (again) threw the bracelet I gave for our first month of being together. Tore the necklace she gave me from my neck and humiliated me big time.

I was single after that.

I learned that falling in love with your subordinate sucks. I allowed it never to happen until six years later I fell in love that's a different story.

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