Sunday, February 13, 2011


I've never had a little sister. I've always wanted to have a little brother. For the reason its less fuss on being an older sister. But that was then. When I thought that blood had to make a huge contributory place to it.

Siobe (not her real name, duh!) is an amazing character. I don't remember exactly that date we started calling each other terms of endearment like these but for all its worth, I love it. I realized how fun it is to have someone to talk to on a daily basis. One of the million things I was never privileged with. Now I understand that the term "sisters" didn't just mean a pledge in a sorority, a common and overused term to address other girls at random and that blood indeed had nothing to do with it.

We talk each morning if not at night before bed time about a lot of things. Colors, food, blog entries, love life and yeah, sometimes our sex lives at an educational point of view. (wicked smile)  I like talking to her. I like being able to have some influence of some sort on her the way she does to me. I like it being called "Atsie" instead of the regular pet names I get. And yes, I love being her older sister (bigger is an understatement LOL)

I look forward to so many things I'd love to do with her. Like hanging out while getting our wax done, or lounging in some coffee shop and just talking. Bonding over DVDs and cooking in the kitchen. And yes, there are times I'd love so much to do her hair, her makeup and maybe her wardrobe. Not to make her my easel and I the painter, but I like the feeling of being able to take care of someone significant and younger than me. Plus, her hubby will love what I could do with her. And that, I am dying to start on. :-D


  1. aww hipong hipo naman ako atsie hahaha *grin* kinakabahan ako sa latter part but that, I've got to see!!! i bet kilay palang gigil na gigil ka na ahahaha

  2. ay pati pala waxing part kinakabahan din ako hahaha