Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Yesterday I came from the hospital to get a thorough check up on my waning health. Not because I wanted to, but my best friend and girlfriend were on my back about it. And yeah, they had to firmly push me to go. So I went. And yes, I feared for what my doctor would say. Got diagnosed for acute bronchitis, acute laryngitis and ameobiasis. Like one acute condition isn't enough I get all three. (sniff)  When I was on my way home, I was surprised at how I was getting treatment from people around me. Particularly the ones I loved. In my previous post, it was written there that...  21. Your job will not take care of you when you are sick. Your family and friends will. - Hmm...I remember the conversation I had with Ato about not falling in love with your work. You can love what you do sure, but never fall inlove with your work. And there it goes, simply put that your job will not take care of you. And next to Richie, Ato and Chriez are my family now. Its the circle I feel I am part of. The realm where I can be myself and not worry about being judged or condoned.    Today, she made a conscious effort of coming all the way from Cavite (where she's from) to my place. And mind you, I am from Teacher's Village Quezon City. She brought food for both Anna, me and herself. I refused to eat because I wasn't hungry. Maybe because the meds don't really make me eat consider the tummy tantrums I'm having with  the occasional throw ups. She literally fed me, nursed me and even took me to Red Ribbon after drinking my meds. Got me my fave salad and cake.  I am amazed how much she has grown into our relationship. How much she cares for me. How much secured I feel with her around. She use to be so nonchalant. But now, she guards me like a hawk. She monitors my every move and yes, she has claimed me hers.  Indeed I am happy, ecstatic even at how much attention I get from her. She may say she can go on without seeing me, but she finds ways to make it a point to see each other if not everyday, the least apart we are from each other is a day or two. But not more than that. She calls every so often, specially now that I'm bedridden-sick. I haven not felt so cared for in a long time. Much more "this" kind of caring.  When I think of all these, I am reminded of the fact that things can go bad...but they definitely can change....

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