Tuesday, December 7, 2010

w.49 unveiled

What is it that other people see that sometimes baffles me when they say it? I asked Chriez over one of our random conversations. Hmmm...

We were ordering our coffees to fill in my bestfriend's late birthday gift planner when after giving our orders, Aileen the barista says: "That will be for here right? You have beautiful eyes C!" and turns to make our coffee. I was caught off-guard. All I uttered was a thank you and a smile. Then I look over to my side and see Chriez smiling differently at me. I blushed---meaning cheeks turning gray... Then when we went back to U-view, I told her that, that comment surprised me. She said: "You do have beautiful eyes. And I didn't realize that until she mentioned it. And you have this certain glow everytime you're with me." I couldn't say anything when she said that. I smiled and kissed her instead. 

Then there would be instances that people around us, specially our friends, would say that we both look different when were together. It should be a good thing right? I think I do look different, feel different with her around. Even my bestfriend says so. She mentioned being my best with Chriez around. Maybe I'm inlove. Maybe I am.

I can take photos forever. I can and will always capture whatever we have now and during one of our talks over lunch I told her how much I value and protect the bond we have. The relationship we are in. So far, we've managed to be well off in terms of work and personal life. We've managed to keep both at bay without complicating the other part with the other. 

I can never thank her enough for discovering  a lot in me. If I can tell her, I will. But I won't say it unless I know she's ready to say it.

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