Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kiss The Cook 12.15.10

Had dinner with Anna today at Kiss The Cook. It was sumptious, if I may say. But what got me realizing were the things said over dinner and during dessert. I saw another yet, different side of her that normally doesn't come out. Sigh...what I mean is that, it doesn't manifest that often or atleast it doesn't come out like that a lot. I'm talking about the way she sees our relationship. The way she actually talks about it, is pretty much the same way I do, but watching her talk about it. Watching her talk about it with Anna, is a different level. You may think its shallow, or petty. But I still know its a big deal for both her and me. You see, she doesn't open up much. Only to her decade friends and me. A little with her mom sure, and her bro. But aside from them---us, nada.

Fascinated by the way she spoke to Anna about us. The ins and outs of our relationship. How our relationship actually works from our point of view. Mind you, she spoke from "our" point of view and not just from hers. That tells a lot. Atleast ofcourse were on the same page. As I was saying, she explained everything to Anna in her own way. How she chose her words, how see simply laid it down.

"You think, our relationship is perfect? Ofcourse not, whatever my weaknesses are, is her strength. And whatever her weaknesses are, are my strengths. We don't try to be perfect, were opposites. But we balance ourselves with each other. We keep it balanced. You think we never run out of things to talk about when were together, but that's not just it. We may be together at work, but we don't talk--acknowledge each other sure, but not spend time at the office with each other. At the end of the day, we get together, were together and we ask how our day was. How each other spent their day. And each day is always something different. Something new. She tells me everything that goes on with you, at your house. I tell her my thoughts and that's how we communicate. Don't think she doesn't worry about you, cause she does. She worries a lot about you when were off work together. Just be open about your thoughts and share them with us. You should learn to communicate."

Watching her talk about us from that angle is "kilig" moments for me. It means a lot because I know she's taking our relationship to another level. To a serious level. She appreciates me. Exactly the way I am.

She whispers to me how she's gonna miss me since our schedules don't match anymore. And, that, just blew me away.

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