Thursday, December 9, 2010


Tomorrow. No, not the song by Annie but we mark our first month together. Ü  Its not fast, its not slow. Just well paced I'd say for a month of being together. If I were younger I'd be hopeful of what the other months would bring, but I know better. Still take one day at a time, and sure hope and have little plans here and there from time to time but keep basically simple by just taking one day at a time.

I've given her my pre-month present of our caricature of our first photo ever taken. Kudos to my best girl, Aimee. She took the photo, which was meaningful enough considering that was the night we "officially" came out in the open about our relationship. Us to my friends, and later that night, us to hers.  

Twas also the day, she asked me if I were happy about our admitting of our relationship. Of course I was! Damn straight! We've been keeping it under wraps and toned down for the past three weeks, that coming out of that phase relaxed me. So did it with her as well. 

I can only look back on what the month was. There was the flirting, the affair with our eyes during training and the drinking sessions that led to what it is now. Not that I had to be intoxicated to realize but the booze sure help her spill how she feels about me. About us. Don't forget the pancakes and coffee and my braces. How significant. 

I'm happy. I guess it eminently shows when were together. People notice it, I mean people who don't even know us. Random strangers who look our way, or give us comments like we look fresh together or that we were happy. I'm glad we have this effect on each other. And  yes, I hate to admit it, but I've soften up since we've been together. 

Not another question of why I glow when I'm with you...I guess I like it being with you...

Listening to Tiffany Alvord's THE REASON IS YOU...

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