Monday, December 20, 2010

Tagaytay Weekend Part 1

With Abbi - waiting for the rest of the boys

In transit to Tagaytay

Clowning around the lobby

Adjie, myself & Abbi at the lobby

La Familia TTG - lol - at Andoks Tagaytay

Waiting for Take Out

The Boy's room - with overflowing chicha

CHRIEZ: Picture ka ng picture, kumain ka na!

Too little heads, too many food...what to do

half circle..drinking...

There you go Tequilla...straight up

Official photographers - C_c

The Chivas Legend....

Next round....chivas

Good morning neighbors...

@ Rowena's

FREE breakfast...and Barako authentica

Cranky & Hungry

Yan, late na kasing gumising...

controversial bouquet...

Reviewing the menu???

Singit shot ni Paolo

TechTeam Global Training Department


Where's the head? Where's the head?

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