Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The song that plays on my ipod comes on, Nsync’s “Drive Myself Crazy”. I smile at the thought of how my weekend went. Another joyous event to mark a great week ahead.

I ended my Friday shift at 11pm. She was done with her team bonding earlier than that so she waited for me at Coffee Bean along A. Avenue where I hurriedly went to after work. There she was tired from the weeks activities and work schedule. I kissed her head and asked how she was before she could get up and hail a cab to head home. I was excited. First weekend together at her place. Not that I haven’t been to her place. I have been before but not spend an entire weekend there. She hails a cab and we discuss how our week went and dozed off she goes. It wasn’t a long ride home. Woke her up and got it the door and spent a few hours getting steamy before calling it a night.

We wake Saturday afternoon and didn’t make any serious plans. Just head to the grocery and do some ingredient shopping. She wanted to have pork sinigang for dinner and something special for breakfast the following day. So we bought the pork, gabi, mustard and kangkong. It had been ages since I last cooked for my partner. And indeed ages. I didn’t even cook for my 3 year relationship. :-p

I’m glad she loved the dinner. She ate a lot. We had a very simple and romantic dinner, at her home of course. And it didn’t have to be candlelit or anything but it was just perfect. Then there was just chilling in their living room and talking about our relationship in the later part of the weekend. She said, that if management asked whether we were in a relationship, she said she will confirm it. Which means I also had to come clean with my top management colleagues. And yes, definitely. I’m glad she think s that way and I think she’s ready to go public and admit it. (Now that I finished this article, and I’m at work, its actually not a big deal after all) ?

She asked me: “How do you see yourself with me?” It was something I asked myself earlier that day when she was opening the gate to bring in the car. And answering her wasn’t as hard as I thought. I told her: “You’re someone I see myself being with for a very long time. Someone I will definitely take seriously.” She kept quiet for a while and said she wanted to break it of. Not only did it alarm me, but I felt the urge to get up and leave, regardless the time of the night. But I held on, held on the belief that she was overwhelmed with the feeling and she just didn’t know how to respond to all the good things that were happening to her. And I was right. She admitted to it. Later that same night she said, words I will never get over with even if it took us nine years being with each other: “Ok I will say this. I see myself with you. You are someone I will take seriously, its just all of these are overwhelming. Its all new to me after all the years of being single. And you know my pattern right? But with you it doesn’t apply. Ayaw ng tadhana na magkaroon ako ng iba, pero pagdating sa iyo walang hindrance. Tuwing nagkakalakad ako with the others, hindi matuloy talaga. It really doesn’t apply to you.”

I would have done cartwheels all the way back to QC!

Sunday evening was even better. She introduced me to her friends. Her friends that she’s been with the past 10 years or so. There was Det and Jen, Pat and Pam. I wasn’t able to meet May and Mel and I think there was also Belle and a couple more. ? It went well. They said they were happy for us. In addition they had comments that she was happy. It was nice that Pam, Pat’s girlfriend even cleaned their home when they found out she was bringing her girlfriend along. As warm as my friends took us in, they showed us equally the same warmth and blessings as well.

Monday morning we wake to a good breakfast shared with her brother. And decided to start saving. She came out clean with how much she was earning, how much she has right now and discussed saving for the next months that are to come. Had dinner before our 9pm shift and went to work and puckered up our poker faces and rolled with the 8hour grind.


  1. nak! serious na to te! happy for you.

    natatawa lang ako dun sa mga steamy details, kelangan talaga may ganun lagi.

  2. he he he...ganun talaga..di naman lagi...kadalasan lang...ha ha ha
    Thanks gel...I think so too...