Tuesday, November 23, 2010


There you go.

Friday evening we leave everything behind and head for the door. Finally, the weekend. We planned to have it all to ourselves, maybe a day or two. Just as long as the weekend.

We headed off to Coffee bean and discussed a few hot items at work. I knew she had much to say about her week launch and all. And so I listened. Intently if I may say.  In an hour or so we left the coffee strip and headed to our weekend getaway. Checked in our bags and headed to our room. Whew! Finally the weekend to ourselves.

We went out for dinner at a nearby grill and had a few many to drink and headed back to our room. Steamy? not quite....Sizzling hot weekend...yes.

The following morning was even better. Breakfast together at Tokyo Cafe, got dressed and watched a movie, did a few shopping before that and had a later dinner after. We even went for a one a.m. massage at a famous spa in the area. Had a couple's massage and headed home. Made love a bit and slept the rest of the morning off.

Sunday came and i can never been happier. We woke up to a lazy sunday morning and decided to go to Conti's at Serendra. We ordered our brunch and talked our way into dessert.

Then she said it. She admitted she cares for me. And not just like me. But really care for me already. And from someone like her, these things don't come easy. But she has laid her feelings for me right after dessert. I was speechless and wanted to jump up and down the aisle of cafes. But I had to contain myself. As if that wasn't ecstatic enough, she wanted to spend time with me...she said: "I want to spend the rest of the day with you. Enjoy the remaining hours of being with you." This sent me soaring to the roofs! Emotionally elevating.

She went home, got some stuff to wear for work the next day and we met up again. Went over to my best friend's place to attend the baby shower for Kat and spent quality time with the boys and my best friend. Toward the later part of the evening, Paolo, one of the boys that make up the core team, the same group we call our friends, called a drinking session. Given that we haven't been together in a week or so under one drinking table we all met up.

Jerz and Abby were there. Francis came late but made it. Paolo was first to be there of course and Chriez and I were there next.  It surprised me yet again, when she finally declared our relationship to everyone. She got their attention and spoke to everyone about it. There you go. Laid it all down for us to see. It was like something you'd share with people who are only close to you. And when she did that, the boys gave us their blessings. Sure the teasing won't stop but what's life without them? lol

We concluded the day by going home after all the booze and food. We all headed our own way.

She went to work and I called to work from home. She went drinking with her trainees after work and asked me to go out for dinner. We met at Coffee Bean, a different branch, and headed to Cyma. A greek restaurant she fancies. After dinner we headed for coffee and till now as I stare at her angelic face sleeping, I can not imagine how I'll be able to go from today moving forward without her now...

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  1. what a revealing post! *covers eyes*

    but i'm happy that you're happy. :-)