Wednesday, March 16, 2011


03.15.2011 Gerry's Grill G5
For some reason I feel I'm safe with you. Whether that be a walk to the store or a trip to another city within the metro, I can not describe how secured I am with you. Its like never having to worry what's coming at yah. Which is why, with what I need to deal with on a daily basis (that doesn't get any better) makes it a bit bearable with you around. With you near me. Sure I can feel guarded and cared for with your mere voice, but nothing compares to the nearness of you...

Each time I give up and let go, right before I even do, you immediately grab me back up. Straight down that line we are heading. I shake off the feeling of loserville and smile at you. You cup my face between your hands and kiss me. A kiss that melts the harshness around me, the pain that surrounds me. I am enveloped in a capsule of overwhelming affection. For this, I can not thank you enough for. And quite recently, you've been yanking me quite a few times as well.

I can't wait to be with you this weekend again. I can't wait to be whole again. To be reminded that despite the shit around me, that not losing it and trying not to meddle with hot water is all worth it when I'm with you.

And yes, amidst it all, I am safe with you --I can not get anymore specific. ♥

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