Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ohh Home. . .

View from our kitchen

View from our door - just a sneak peak at our neighborhood
Home.  Its been a tough road. I'm not saying the journey's done, it's just beginning as a matter of fact.  I have my fair (sometimes not even) share of heartaches and one just recently that changed my WHOLE life.  But I want to talk about my home. A  home where Chriez and I build and try to continually build with love and hope.

If you like Tagaytay weather, I am positively sure you will enjoy hanging around our home. The sunrise each morning at 5 or 6am is something I look forward to when I wake up. I'm not much of an early riser myself, but moving in here, is heaven in the morning and ecstasy the whole day. The breeze is something you will not be able to ignore. Its cold up here alright! Its like waking up to Tagaytay every morning! That being said, I haven't used our electric fan for almost three days now! If you haven't quite gotten a clear picture of how breezy and cool (or cold) it is here, lemme elaborate. I do the laundry, hung the wet clothes outside and two hours later, viola! They're all dry and crisp smelling! Take a whiff of that!

And that's just one of hundred things I have come to love with our new home. Sure it gets better but sometimes it gets lonely too. (Now let's not go there shall we?) :-)

I am indeed excited to wake up tomorrow. The sunrise, the fresh, crisp air and the serenity of the place is perfect. Who wouldn't look forward to that before anything else? ♥

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