Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A New Leaf Being Turned

Let us enter! Our room to your left, kitchen after a left, washroom to your right and Living Room as seen

Daddy by our doorway after the move

Aaaahhh MY Kitchen...
Daddy texting by the entrance
Our Hauling Truck

Daddy waiting for the truck to leave

Me watching them secure our belongings (its not much though)

Our Front Door


The First Step

Our Niche - the Entrance

Our Unit (H) - stands for "Homey" & "Happy"
March 26, 2011

A week after our deep loss we move on with our lives to our new home. A home we found just right after the loss of our five loved ones. But its a different story. I would like to share the move.

I literally dragged myself to packing the week before the move. Did a few laundry prior to the move as well. The funny thing is, the day of the awaited transfer, I was excited. I wasn't all giddy and crazy happy but in general, it felt light-hearted. A feeling I have never felt for the longest time since the "confrontation" incident. The travel was even more heart-touching. Chriez and I at the back of the cab, I know its not the most romantic place on earth to be, but her words were comforting and real. She said to me:
"We're moving on. We will be happy and you will the queen of the house...and I the king of the house ofcourse. We're going to  be alright." And I could just cry at that instant. I bit my lip and returned her kiss. I was momentarily in a daze.

Once all our stuff was inside our new home, we cleaned the place like frantic robots on a mission. We were excited about the move, we were excited to start anew with EACH OTHER.

to be continued....

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  1. congrats! the new crib looks great!