Friday, June 3, 2011

Out of the Office

After our launching over the weekend, things sure did look up for us. Now my travels have been taken to the next level. VIZ-MIN here I come! Oops, but before that, I am bound to explore luzon first. Saturday in Hagonoy Bulacan and Sunday in Lucena once again. But I didn't want to blog about that, really. He he he

I've noticed something recently that got me thinking. Cats. 5 representation cats. If there's such a term. There is one infront of our unit's gate each and every night when we get home. One waiting by the bus stop in magallanes when I get off. Two near the LRT station I ride nightly and one in the MRT station.. A total of five cats. I told my bestfriend that it got my attention that there are five cats in four of the areas I go thru each day. I feel like I'm being watched by my five angels. Which ofcourse, touched me because I miss them dearly. And I hope that if they indeed are watching over me that they see that what they gave up for me, for us, was not in vain.

I miss you kidos...I love you much...

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