Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunverde Launching - May 28, 2011 Crossroad 77

There isn't much of a huge story to tell. For my bestfriend, who's always on the loop, maybe these things won't come as a surprise. But I've been mum about facebooking and even blogging (unless its my business blog), sometimes even not. I've gotten so busy, that blogging for my sanity's sake seems to be something I have to literally squeeze in in a day. Or whatever scarce minutes I have that I'm not driving my people crazy with.

That's me during egress...sad with the pancit that wasn't even for me.. :-(

Parang ayoko namang maniwala...

Ano kaya meron dun (sabay dukot sa cellphone)

Guess sinong katext ko??? :-D

Akala ni K walang tao sa likod niya, kaya kung makapose lang...

Management: K, Vicky and C

Sunverde Management
Ha! Ha! Ha! There are a few more to post. Wala pa nga lang akong time. Will post soon...

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  1. "driving my people crazy"...F na F mo talaga kapatid! hahahaha :-)

    love the second to the last photo. it's so kwela.