Monday, June 27, 2011


Breathe. That's the first thing I realized I needed to do today. Breathe.
I woke up to the annoying sound of three cellphone alarms. Drat. But I realized, why was I such in a bad mood this morning? Then it hit me. That its alright to take a deep breathe and again, yes, breathe.
Been running around the map recently. My recent trip to Quezon drove me nuts. From one business presentation to another, wow, whirlwind appointments....BREATHE!

Yesterday, after arriving from three business presentations in Lucena and Saraiya Quezon, we headed to Chowking Molito Alabang where yet another business presentation took place.

I'm just glad that I get to stay home and rest knowing I'll be leaving for Quezon again tomorrow. With the oh so heavy projector, my laptop and my bags....Yes, bags...a girl couldn't just travel with one outfit you know.. (wink)

♥breakfast indulgence..corn flakes with chocolate crispies and mallows♥ ahh..yesssss...sinful!

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