Monday, September 13, 2010

Glenmont Weekend Part I

So I sat beside my best friend on their couch and before I could even begin an opening remark she cut off by saying: "So what, I read your blog and..." trailing after her sentence. All I could do is smile. Emphasizing that "We're just friends" part of my sentence. Being like my older sister, she warned me; "Just because you're lonely doesn't mean that you forget what he has done to you." she says. I nodded. Of course I wouldn't. Who would forget something that's already tattooed within my being? Not unless I be reincarnated as Marcel the shell will I ever forget what I've gone through with him. And no, I'm not THAT lonely to get into a relationship with him. Maybe it just happened and left at that. I won't be seeing him anytime soon that I know of. We haven't spoken in days so I'm not keeping my hopes up. I'd like to think of it as, something that just had to happen. It wasn't even a special event. It just did.
As I headed up to sleep that night, I was thinking. He said, it was just like old times. Some part of me agrees. He said he didn't want to hurt me again. That was for sure, cause I cleared to him that it wasn't going anywhere near that. I told him I'm cool us being friends, which is better cause we could have been that a long, long time ago if we only knew how to deal with it then. ♥

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